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Carroll Bradford Makes The Orlando Business Journal 2017 Fast 50!

Carroll Bradford Inc. provides construction, property management and roofing services, providing the firm with a diverse offering in anticipation of market changes as it builds towards its goal of becoming a Fortune 500 company. The firm in Orlando says its growth is due to relationships built and the “great people on our team.”

Key accomplishments in the past 12 months: The company’s first-quarter revenue was four times higher than previous year’s first quarter.

Biggest challenge in the last year: Market demand is ever changing and to keep up has proven tough. Considering our growth, we realized we need to formalize our systems and process to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. So, we hired multiple people to fill gaps.

Most impressive business statistic: We grew more than 310 percent in first-quarter 2017.

Recruitment strategy: We look for great talent everywhere we go whether it’s for lunch at a local wing joint or a tradeshow.

Our company is really fast at: Adapting to the market

An act or decision that best illustrates your leadership: Respond, don’t react. A sense of calm projects a sense of control.

Trusted advisers you turn to when you need business advice: My business partner, as well as my father and grandfather

Favorite quote: “You get what you give.” Don’t let regret take the place of the dreams you have to chase.

My best friend says I am: Quirky

Who’s the best or worst boss you’ve ever had? Me

What you’re afraid of: Failing and heights

If you could have the undivided attention of a room full of fifth-graders, what would you teach them? Be kind to everyone and to treat them as you wish to be treated.

What’s your life plan? Professionally, I plan for Carroll Bradford to be a Fortune 500 company who has national reach. Personally, I hope to have a child in college at the University of Florida (Go Gators).

What do you work toward in your free time? Spending time with my family in The Bahamas

What’s in your fridge? Lots of pudding and yogurt for my 4-year-old, Brady, as well as some La Croix and leftovers

Favorite treat: Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream

Favorite drink: Venti, unsweetened iced coffee from Starbucks

How do you keep in shape? Chase after my 4-year-old

Describe your company in one word: Teamwork. It is with great people that we can continue to do great work, make great relationships and grow.

Carroll Bradford Inc.

Rank: 5 (327.16% growth)

Top local executive: Stephen Barnett, chief financial officer

Years with company: 7

Contact: ( 407) 647-9420;

View the link below to see Carroll Bradford, Inc. on the Orlando Business Journal’s 2017 Fast 50 companies!
2017 Fast 50

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