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What is Irrigation Maintenance & Sprinkler Repair?

Irrigation Maintenance and Installation Services

Living landscapes need water to survive and flourish. Relying solely on rainfall isn’t usually the best method of supplying water to your thirsty lawn. Depending on the type of grass and plants you have in your landscape, a more constant source of water may be required and a home irrigation / sprinkler system might be what you need.

Carroll Bradford is proud to offer commercial and residential landscaping & maintenance services and Property Maintenance Services to its clients throughout the Central Florida area. All of our employees are trained in plant identification, proper pruning of shrubs, equipment operation, and safety.

Irrigation systems are used to maintain the health and beauty of property landscapes. If the systems are not installed properly or monitored, water can be wasted or polluted. Carroll Bradford specializes in planning out and installing residential and commercial irrigation systems.

Commercial & Residential Irrigation Maintenance

Carroll Bradford will inspect your irrigation system to make sure your yard is receiving the water it needs to look its best, while also searching for costly leaks that may be affecting to your monthly water bill.

Our Irrigation Maintenance Program gives you the peace of mind to know that your lawn is getting the water it needs with minimal losses. We start off with an analysis of your current system and then create a customized plan for any necessary repairs or improvements to give your lawn the care it needs to look its healthiest.

Our routine service includes leak inspection, routine sprinkler head cleanings and adjustments, sprinkler repair, and timer adjustments. We go the extra mile to make sure your lawn is getting the nourishment it needs for that lush green color.

Benefits of Irrigation Maintenance & Sprinkler Repair

Conserve water
Reduce water pollution
Catch system damage early
Manage time and date
Update sprinkler systems
Sprinkler Repair
Measure and balance water pressure
Correct sprinkler system spray patterns
Repair weather damaged components
Increase functionality of the water system
Ensure proper water retention and application
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