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For a number of years, Carroll Bradford Roofing Services has provided quality Jacksonville Roof Repair, maintenance and replacement to hundreds of homes and businesses by a certified Jacksonville Roofing Company.

  • Tile Roofing

  • Metal Roofing

  • Shingle Roofing

  • Low Slope Roofing

  • High Slope Roofing

  • Flat Roofing

  • Whether you have commercial roofing or residential roofing needs, we take a customized approach and offer an experience and knowledge for all different types of roofing services. We’ve built our Jacksonville Roof Repair company on years of reputable and outstanding service while offering affordable options to meet our customer’s needs.

    Experienced Jacksonville Roof Installers

    We offer a wide variety of advanced materials that are durable and long lasting so that you can get the fullest life out of your roof no matter what the weather calls for. Not sure if you need a full roof replacement? Our crews will conduct a thorough and honest inspection. Signs you may need a new roof include an extensive amount of damaged shingles, bald spots, leaks, areas where sunlight comes through and if a roof is 20 years or older. Whether you need a roof repair, inspection or full replacement, we have various services to fit your needs.

    High-slope roofs with a steep pitch are most commonly found on residential properties and require additional knowledge and expertise, which our teams have acquired from decades of experience. We believe in taking the time to educate our customers without any added pressure to make a sale and are happy to go over the options available to you.

    Reliable Jacksonville Roof Repair

    We provide residential roofing or commercial roofing services to protect your property against extreme Florida elements. The harsh Florida climate can bring high winds, heavy rains and storms that can cause damage to your property, which is why hiring a reliable Jacksonville Roofing Company is vital to your home’s safety.

    Why Choose Carroll Bradford Roofing?

    Weather conditions, sun, old age and forces of nature can all take their toll on your roof. Did you know that Jacksonville receives twice the annual amount of rain each year than the average U.S. city? Protecting your home from water damage and leaks is our number one priority. Your roof is one of the most important investments in your home and a poor roofing job can lead to costly repairs in the future. Our Jacksonville Roof Repair Company will ensure that you get the highest quality service through proper installation and inspection. As the largest metro area in the U.S., Jacksonville is underdoing a large revitalization and economic boom. Home to the Jacksonville Jaguars, pristine beaches and growing neighborhoods like the Riverside Arts District, our Jacksonville roofing company has over 65 years of experience installing roofs and has developed long-standing roots in the community. Whether you are homeowner or business owner in the Jacksonville area, we have the expertise to cover all your roofing needs.

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    Carroll Bradford is a full-service construction and landscaping company proudly serving Florida. Unlike others, we are more than JUST a construction company though. We provide end-to-end solutions that address our customers’ issues & requests along with the answers they need to get the job done well. As we continue to grow throughout the state of Florida, our quality will never be compromised, and our commitment to helping you get the job done right will always remain at the very top of our priority list.

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